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SWPA, as part of LHC, are long standing proponents of MMC, and our engagement with the wider topics of offsite construction can be seen with a number of our webinars. Through our Offsite Construction (NH2) and Modular Buildings (MB2) frameworks we have engaged with multiple public sector organisations across a variety of projects.

With all this work we understand the benefits of MMC construction for housing and how to utilise the expertise of our appointed companies for the best outcome – our award winning case study and the lessons learnt document with Bristol Housing Festival are great examples of this.

Housing providers in the South West are working with us, as long-standing provider of procurement and delivery solutions for offsite, to combine their programmes to deliver a substantial number of beautiful, customisable, zero carbon homes.

By joining the cluster, with our standardised housing types, housing providers will unlock the benefits of demand aggregation which could lead to lower cost and risk.

Tony Woods, Group Technical Manager for LHC and SWPA, says ‘Demand aggregation passes on process savings to the public sector clients in the group by enabling efficiencies from the secured pipeline of work. For our appointed companies knowing the volume of houses our client group will commit to, creates supply chain security and provides the economies of scale needed to drive down costs.’

Phil Blackmore, Procurement Manager for SWPA, says ‘Using a cluster concept to create a procurement route based on demand aggregation means that all registered housing providers in the South West can procure housing with confidence. This is especially effective for the smaller housing associations who may not have the expertise in their teams for MMC as they benefit from ours and that of the public sector groups already engaged in the process’

Read more about the proposal in the leaflet below and get in touch to find out further details.

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