Introduction to the Framework

Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) has been developed following ongoing engagement and consultation with public sector organisations including housing associations, local authorities and healthcare facilities.

Key features:

  • Suite of asset safety and compliance disciplines providing a method to meet government
    guidelines regarding life safety, property protection and maintenance
  • Access to a pool of consultancy and compliance-related expertise through a single framework
  • Access to consultancy and surveying specialists for the management and removal of asbestos
  • Access to expertise in property protection, water management, gas safety and heating servicing, asbestos and electrical testing.

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This amalgamated framework also compliments our Fire Safety (FS1) framework, as part of our portfolio offering to property protection and maintenance.

About the Framework

Throughout our extensive pre-tender engagement (PTE) process our clients in the public sector acknowledged the positive contribution our existing frameworks in property protection (V7), asbestos services (AS2) and water management (WM1) have made in delivering effective life safety systems in the management and maintenance of their assets and resulting benefits to their tenants and building users.

Our response has been to combine these services and enhance the framework offering further with two additional workstreams covering gas safety, heating, electrical inspection, testing and servicing in both commercial and residential settings.

The result is a framework designed to offer a comprehensive and wide-ranging suite of services to the public sector to assist in meeting building life safety and maintenance government guidelines and legal responsibilities with the flexibility to meet their needs and community priorities more effectively.

Our Vision for Asset Safety and Compliance

A guiding principle in the development of Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) has been to support the public sector in meeting their obligations under government guidelines and legal responsibilities in the area building life safety, maintenance, and compliance as efficiently as possible.

As with all our frameworks we achieve this by striving to meet and exceed the “Gold Standard” for public sector construction frameworks. We pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to early engagement and collaboration bringing specialist suppliers and public sector bodies together to guide framework development ensuring best possible outcomes for the public sector and their communities.

Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) clearly demonstrates the benefits of early collaboration resulting in a comprehensive framework making high quality specialist firms available to the public sector working together to improve asset and building safety for building occupants and communities.

SWPA continues to fulfil our commitments to social value impacts increasing the public sector’s access to regional and local specialists, encouraging SME involvement, and driving economic uplift to regional areas.


Workstream 1 - Asbestos Consultancy, Surveys and Removal

Asbestos Consultancy

Asbestos Surveys & Testing

Asbestos Removal & Disposal Works

Workstream 2 - Property Protection and Associated Services

Property Protection and Associated Services

Workstream 3 - Water Testing, Treatment and Management

Water Hygiene Testing and Consultancy

Water System Maintenance, Remedials and Associated Services

Workstream 4 - HVAC (Air Conditioning) Servicing and Maintenance

Gas Safety & Heating Systems Inspection, Servicing & Remedial (Domestic)

Gas Safety & Heating Systems Inspection, Servicing & Remedial (Commercial)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Compliance, Servicing & Maintenance

Workstream 5 - Electrical Fixed Wire Testing and Associated Elements

Fixed Wire Testing and Associated Elements

Portable Appliance Testing

Appointed Companies for Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1)

-- Acorn Chemical Services (part of MSS & RSK Group)
-- Allium Environmental 
-- Armstrong York Environmental
-- Aspect Contracts 
-- British Gas Social Housing T/A PH Jones
-- Casa Environmental Services 
-- Churchill Contract Services 
-- Clear Safety Services 
-- Enquin Environmental 
-- Environtec Limited
-- European Asbestos Services
-- HBE
-- Hewer Facilities Management 
-- HSL Compliance 
-- Integrated Water Services 
-- Kovia T/A Kovia Compliance
-- Liberty Gas Group T/A Liberty Group
-- Life Environmental Services

-- Lorne Stewart 
-- Nichol Associates 
-- Orbis Protect 
-- Pennington Choices 
-- PHS Compliance 
-- Rhodar Industrial Services 
-- Robert Heath Heating 
-- Saltire Facilities Management 
-- Severn Insulation Co 
-- SGS United Kingdom 
-- Shield Environmental Services 
-- SMS Environmental 
-- SOCOTEC Asbestos 
-- Tersus Consultancy 
-- Tremorfa 
-- Woods Building Services T/A AA Woods

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This framework is valid until 3rd September 2027

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