Low Carbon Offsite Housing Construction DPS

This open market procurement solution created in partnership with Constructing Modern Methods (CMM) and Bristol Housing Festival enables all publicly owned bodies in the South West to access suppliers capable of providing low carbon solutions to housing construction.

As a DPS, a variety of providers will be available – the choice will be narrowed to those able to provide the correct solution for the site via the CMM toolkit. The duration of the DPS is for ten years.

Procurement guide - PDF

Lot size Maximum Project Value / Build Total

Micro (1-2 units)

Small (3-15 units)



Medium (16-49 units) £7,000,000
Large and accommodation (50+ units) £10,000,000

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How does a DPS differ from a Framework?


  • Maximum duration of 4 years
  • Direct award permissible
  • Fixed list of suppliers
  • Call-off documents have to be in line with what was structured when establishing the framework
  • Typically harder for small medium enterprises to access
  • Finite number of suppliers


  • No maximum time limit
  • No direct award (further competition only)
  • Flexible - suppliers can join during the lifetime of the DPS
  • Allows Clients to use their own T&Cs, pricing and specification   
  • Increased accessibility for small medium enterprises
  • No maximum number of suppliers

Benefits of using our DPS

Time saving


Quality and value


Local delivery

Commitment to better buildings and homes

  • Time saving - Quick and easy access to approved suppliers
  • Compliance - Confidence that you have access to pre-qualified trades with the right qualifications, experience and financial standing to deliver your project
  • Quality and value - Only suppliers who offer quality and value are pre-qualified
  • Choice - Access to a wide number of pre-qualified suppliers
  • Local delivery - Offers the opportunity to engage with local suppliers supporting the wider Government aim of working with local businesses for economic growth
  • Section 20 consultation - Our DPS makes it easier for clients to comply with leaseholder consultations by allowing leaseholder nominated trades with an opportunity to apply to join the DPS and if successful an opportunity to bid for work

Current Appointed Companies for LCH DPS

Please ask SWPA for information on the regional Lots and workstreams that companies are appointed to.

-- Adston Construction

-- AJC Group

-- Agile Property & Homes

-- Building with Frames (BWF Construction Services Ltd)

-- Classic Builders Limited

-- Daiwa House Modular

-- Hill Partnerships Ltd

-- ISO Spaces

-- MMC Homebuilding

-- Project Etopia

-- Rollalong

-- Stelling Properties

-- Vision Built

-- Zed Pods

The process of using our DPS

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How can suppliers apply?

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The process of bidding for work from SWPA Clients

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