‘Why is the time now right for offsite’ in an increasingly challenging housing market?

Magna Housing Group and SWPA commissioned Complex Asset Management Solutions to make the business case for delivering offsite housing from the perspective of a landlord owning and maintaining homes in the UK.

Despite evidence of success in other countries with similar challenges and characteristics to the UK, the last 10 years has seen only a moderate increase in factory-built homes. One reason for this is scepticism about whether they provide good value for money.

Whilst the government has a presumption in favour of MMC and there have been exemplar pilot projects over the years, the default position for new housing delivery is mainly traditional construction.

Understanding how landlord managed homes help determine the three competing pressures faced in terms of Cost, Quality and Risk the Magna board developed a Strategic Asset Management Plan, created a decision support tool to analyse alternative housing solutions and looked for the best delivery partner to deliver these homes. By working in partnership with SWPA through its framework, Offsite Construction New Homes 2 the company appointed Rollalong Limited to deliver these homes.

The first 52 homes are in production now (Autumn 2019) and Magna homes to deliver most of its development programme over the next three years through Rollalong. To reduce design and build costs, Rollalong is committed to working with SWPA and Magna to find savings that will enable the unit cost for offsite homes to decrease over the next 10 years.

Read our full case study with Magna Housing here.

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