Low Carbon Offsite Construction DPS - Your Opinion

Thank you for your interest in the Low Carbon Offsite Construction DPS. 

This exercise is intended to provide potential bidders and clients with the opportunity to view and comment on the proposed Low Carbon Offsite Construction DPS if they wish to do so. This builds on the commitment to engage with the market, by sharing information and seeking input from the market to enable us to develop the final DPS documents in a fair and transparent manner.

This exercise will also be used to shape the procurement process, recognise the demand in Low Carbon Offsite Construction as well as future work programmes and strategies.

SWPA and CMM consider it particularly important to conduct this market consultation at a time when the public sector is seeking to create efficiencies and savings as well as creating a greener more sustainable future.


SWPA and CMM will collate and analyse Market Consultation Responses (MCR’s) and develop / scope the procurement strategy and processes with the MCR’s in mind. The strategy and processes will not be scoped to give direct or indirect advantage to any contributor indeed it is the transparent avoidance of such advantage that is an inherent objective of the consultation.

The Contract Notice (CN) will be released to the market on 31st May, which gives SWPA and CMM sufficient time to gather all the responses received and provide generalised feedback to contributors.

Suppliers are encouraged to register on the Procontract system, if they have not already done so.



  1. This survey forms part of the market engagement activity to support the procurement of the DPS
  2. The purpose of this survey is to explore the market reaction to the proposed DPS. We hope to identify critical success factors and potential barriers in order to inform the procurement process. To maximise the success of this subsequent procurement process we request that bidders and clients are open and honest in their responses and provide as much detail as possible.
  3. Prior to completing the survey, bidders and clients are requested to read the accompanying Market Consultation Guidance document and watched the webinar recording which sets out the background and proposed DPS.
  4. Participation in this Market Consultation is voluntary. It is not required to provide an answer to every question if particular questions are not relevant.
  5. SWPA and CMM wishes to encourage participation at this stage in order to ensure a wide number of responses. The market engagement processes described above do not form part of the formal procurement process. When the formal procurement process commences, any supplier may join the competition and all supplier bids will be evaluated on the same basis.
  6. Completed surveys should be returned either through the ProContract portal (messaging section) or email at Phillip.blackmore@swpa.org.uk

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