Understanding How to Deliver Net Zero Houses

Being able to create net zero homes at scale is high on the agenda in the South West - to help meet net zero targets and to fulfil the need for housing. To meet the national emissions target deadline of 2050, all existing home and homes currently being built to a less than net zero standard will have to be retrofitted. To avoid this additional cost, we need to begin building towards this standard now.

Director of SWPA, Mary Bennell, says ‘It’s time to start the conversation between our public sector clients and appointed companies on our frameworks to begin to change building practices and standards towards net zero.’

SWPA, in partnership with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and the Green Register are holding this latest webinar for public sector organisations and contractors with the aim of giving both parties a better understanding of how to achieve net zero homes.

  • Introduction; Mary Bennell – SWPA
  • Net Zero Carbon Framework and the Policy Playbook; Katherine Adair – UKGBC
  • How to Scale Up Skills and Training for Builders and Contractors; Lucy Pedler – The Green Register
  • Q&A

Join us to better understand what standard houses can be built to currently, and how to improve from both a contractor and public sector perspective.

Registration can be found via the link:


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