New Report Shows Benefits of Modern Methods of Construction

Fewer defects, lower whole-life costs and increased customer satisfaction are just some of the benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC).Those are the key findings in a new report on the outcomes of an innovative trial to demonstrate how MMC can help tackle the affordable housing shortage in the UK.


Magna Housing and modular manufacturer Rollalong, both based in Dorset, commissioned asset management specialists CAMS to produce the proof-of-concept report. Magna adopted an award-winning ‘MMC-first’ business case in 2020, setting out to prove that offsite construction could deliver ‘an ordinary home’.

Last year Magna completed its proof-of-concept phase of creating 50 factory-built homes in partnership with Rollalong. The report highlights evidence of the benefits of Magna’s approach in overcoming challenges to MMC, which include:

• Fewer defects compared to traditionally built homes, saving money and time.

• Overcoming planning barriers, creating homes that complement local environments.

• Increasing customers’ satisfaction with new homes.

• The ability to deliver modular homes from the factory to sites via narrow, rural roads.

• Securing industry standard National House Building Council’s (NHBC) Accepts warranty.

• Lower costs, including maintenance, over the whole life of homes.

• Showing that customers are able to secure a mortgage on MMC homes when sold.

Magna looked to MMC to address what it saw as the performance gap between the design standard and final product of traditionally built homes. This was leading to additional costs and delays once homes were built, causing dissatisfaction for customers.

Magna partnered with Rollalong to deliver its proof of concept and has since formed a procurement cluster including Wiltshire Council to secure value for money.

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