How can SWPA help you procure and deliver MMC housing projects?

The benefits of offsite MMC delivery are well known and documented but utilising these methods doesn’t seem to be happening at pace.  Why this is the case is the subject of considerable scrutiny - within the report ‘Build Homes, Build Jobs, Build Innovation’, published in September 2020 by Mike DeAth and Mark Farmer; Cast Consultancy sets out 10 key areas of critical market failure ranging from one of unclear language and terminology to delivery and procurement models failing to promote process integration.

In addition to our Offsite Consultancy Framework SWPA is currently working on two specific procurement and delivery products to assist clients in delivering a range of offsite housing and addressing some of these points of failure.

One solution is delivered by using the existing Offsite Construction of New Homes (NH2) Framework –  and the other is a Dynamic Purchasing System in partnership with the Innovation UK Project ‘Enabling Housing for Inclusive Growth’, Bristol Housing Festival and Constructing Modern Methods (CMM).


A Low Carbon Offsite Dynamic Purchasing system (DPS)

Initial accreditation to DPS

Detailed client requirements and supplier information including a range of KPIs are entered into the CMM tool and then matched an initial shortlist for mini competition selection

Mini competition between suitable suppliers and single supplier chosen to deliver project


Demand aggregation and client collaboration using Offsite Construction of New Homes (NH2) framework

End to end development process including a design portfolio to provide a range of design combinations to be delivered. 

The existing LHC/SWPA framework with 13 accredited suppliers can offer procurement and delivery through direct award or mini competitions. This can be done either in collaboration with other clients or using the experience of early adopters


These solutions are complementary and provide clients ( Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords ) with different routes to deliver their MMC homes while addressing key points as set out in the 10 critical failures mentioned above. What both offerings have in common is a streamlined procurement offering that will remove the delays and cover off many of the hurdles that are often experienced in public sector procurement.

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