Delivering Social Value webinar with Plymouth City Council and Social Value Portal

Delivering social value through procurement is not a new concept, but it is one that is becoming increasingly important. Clients want to see additional benefits for their communities beyond just the delivery of the core contract requirements to make the public pound go further. Many clients are receiving social value ‘additionality’ of 25% of spend on average. This webinar will provide information on the importance of delivering social value from a client’s perspective and then look at a tool that many clients in the South West are adopting as a way of measuring social value and the practical application.

Holly Golden, Head of Procurement at Plymouth City Council, and Terry Brewer, Head of Public Sector Delivery at the Social Value Portal, will provide information and insight for companies who would like to work for clients across the South West.

Join us on the 29th October at 11am:

Social Value
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