Build homes, build jobs, build innovation

Mark Farmer and Mike De’Ath released a report to stimulate debate on how we now move modular homebuilding truly into the mainstream through a series of strategic actions.

The three objectives proposed in this report are:

  • More Homes – a programme to build 75,000 additional, high-quality, manufactured homes a year by 2030.
  • More Jobs – the potential for 50,000 high productivity and quality jobs, ranging from SME level to larger innovators, all helping to level up regional economies.
  • More Innovation – beautiful new homes and skilled jobs that are underpinned by fresh design and manufacturing thinking, low and zero carbon performance, cutting edge embedded technology & connectivity and much more innovative thinking in tenure products to maximise and stabilise end market demand.

The work between SWPA, LHC, Magna, and Rollalong features in the full report here.

Build Build Build
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