Grow A New Door scheme (GAND)

Introduction to Ventro:

Ventro are one of the leading Fire Safety contractors in the UK, undertaking third-party accredited surveying and remediation works for thousands of public and private sector organisations up and down the country. Their commitment to being the leading voice in the Fire Safety industry has seen them receive praise for driving improvements. Attending Westminster debates on best practices, delivering advice to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (now the DLUHC) on current issues and requirements within the sector, and being involved in cross-party discussions on Fire Safety are some of the examples of ways they have worked to move the industry forward.

Ventro's incorporation and story:

Long before Ventro was incorporated, the founding directors noticed a growing demand for competent, third-party accredited fire safety contractors who could survey and install fire safety products correctly and provide the required certification chain for a compliant installation.

The FDIS and BM Trada certifications are two of Ventro's most prominent certifications and demonstrate their competence in inspecting and installing fire doors and fire stopping. They also have a range of certifications for other fire safety works, most notably BAFE and participation in the Building a Safer Future charter, along with many others.

Ventro provides the full range of fire safety services to building owners, from initial consultancy, surveying and auditing, installation, and ongoing maintenance. These services are across multiple disciplines, both the active and the passive side of fire safety but specialising in Fire Doors. This joined-up approach to Fire Safety provides complete audit trails for building owners and promotes the Golden Thread of information principles, as outlined in the Hackitt Report.

Predominantly working in the public sector Ventro are aware of procurement issues faced in the industry. They have been appointed on the South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA) framework as a direct award option for Value for Money for Composite Fire Doors. This allows Public Sector organisations to carry out urgent fire safety works without delay, ensuring that procurement law is upheld and the procurement process is fully compliant. This framework route has enabled Ventro to work closely with public sector organisations to save time, money, and resources by not having to go through the lengthy tender process but remain in compliance with procurement regulations. On average, Ventro has found that organisations cut the time spent on the procurement process by 80% by going through the framework route, demonstrating just how effective this process has been.

One of Ventro's sustainable programmes is the Grow A New Door scheme (GAND). GAND was set up to plant enough trees to replenish the amount of wood used during the door project. Ventro works with the client to donate to a charity that can grow the number of trees required to cover the project. Over the years, Ventro have worked on thousands of sites to remove and replace fire doors to help clients achieve compliance in their buildings. To overcome the issue of waste and sustainably sourcing products, Ventro has aimed to recycle their waste from site where possible. In the past year, they have recycled 94% and have sourced wood that is FSC accredited.

From the very early stages of Ventro, it has been clear to see the lack of industry-leading voices who can help public and private sector organisations with the latest regulation updates and cutting-edge advice on how best to deal with those changes. Therefore, Ventro set up their regular online webinar events to provide a platform for leading voices in the Fire Safety industry to share their expertise such as regulators, legislative advisors, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Health and Safety Executive, Working Group 8, The Building Safety Alliance, and many others. These events gave organisations the chance to network with like-minded individuals to discuss the problems faced within the industry whilst the pandemic prevented in-person events from taking place.

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