Introduction to the Framework

This framework is relevant for heating services delivered through two workstreams: third-party gas & electrical auditors and heating servicing and repairs.

Specialist suppliers that deliver these services through the following Workstreams: Workstream 1: Consultants – Third Party Gas & Electrical Auditors and Workstream 2: Domestic Service Contracts.

Procurement guide - PDF


Workstream 1

Consultants, Third Party Gas & Electrical Auditors

Workstream 2

Heating Services & Repairs

Appointed Companies for HS1

-- British Gas T/A PH Jones
-- CORGI Technical Services


-- Gas Contract Services


-- Hewer Facilities Management


This framework offers:

  • Monitoring and review of gas, heating, hot water, legionella control and domestic fire alarms compliance duties
  • Completing or reviewing risk assessments and certificates
  • Specialists consultants to ensure you are correctly managing your duties
  • Specialists responsive repair companies who can perform the day to day function to protect and serve your tenants
  • Gas compliance by companies proven to offer 100% LGSR and services to the heating appliance. All heat sources – gas, oil, solid fuel, renewable systems and the connected systems
  • Replacement installation programmes

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This framework is valid until 31st March 2021

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